Dialogue on topics and themes

Within the Network we discuss a lot of different Topics and our members always share their opinions. Here you will find questions, discussions and our opinions.

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Our network has the name Learn2Change: What do you want to change?

I want to change lives of young people in my country by empowering them and enabling them to see that there is a better future for all if they just learn and act.
Aleksandar Slijepcevic

Education 95% of the times is still the idea to put the world in pieces: 15 subjects, 1000 topics, 45 minutes each lesson: they call it school. But in reality learning is happening 90% of our time outside school in a world full of miracles, problems and challenges. That’s where real learning happens. So, schools: CHANGE! Read more ..

Do you feel like a global citizen? What does this mean for you?

Yes, because my life is influenced so much from all around the world; my way of thinking, my ideals, and my consumption.
Achim Riemann

A Global citizen, for me is being accepted and respected for what one is, everywhere one goes without any prejudices, so yes, I feel like a global citizen. Read more ..

What does "Good Life" mean to you? What makes you happy?

It doesn’t mean housed, dressed and eat well. A healthy living/working environment where creatures and nature are in harmony and peace. No need to worry about the basic needs; people are free to choose their path.
April Lai

To have a good life is to work in balance regarding my social network and nature.
To have fun with my family and friends, to be a bit crazy (sometimes), to help people stand on their own feet, to project processes, which make sense; that’s happiness. Read more ..

What does development mean for you? Who or what needs to develop?

For me development means primarily fair distribution of income and access to all health, education, work, housing, basic sanitation … What in my country needs essentially to be developed is a social and political awareness so that the population in general can consciously elect their politicians and demand the guarantees of their basic rights. Development in my country will only happen when they stop killing leaders who defend human rights.
Gaia Sanvicente Traverso

Development means the change in the social, economic, political and social aspects of a society. However, most important of all, it means change in attitude of individuals, change in our mindsets, to see every one as a global citizen and to respect and learn from each other and to embrace cultural diversity. Read more ..

How can we move from learning to action?

Learning by action!
Menja Holz

I think that learning is an essential form of taking action if we use it to not only think about ‘the others’ but to reflect on our own attitude that informs every decision we make and the way we see the world. If we include our own learning process in our idea of ‘taking action’, we can find new ways of getting involved in every day life situations. Our daily life is full of opportunities to take action. Starting from there, we can practice our skills in shaping the world we live in. Let’s see how far we can get. Read more ..

Do you think that global educational partnerships can shape or transform the world?

Speaking to educators from all over the world filled me with pride and hope! Hope that there is a way to work together on a better future. Education is one key element to overcome racism, fear, and environmental issues. We educators always profit from putting our heads together for finding new ways to learn.
Annika Hammer

Global educational partnerships ground my work. By listening to, communicating with and learning from each other, I can learn to see the world through many different eyes. Those perspectives are a huge enrichment of my educational work. Furthermore, a global partnership like Learn2Change gives me strength and motivation. Knowing that people all over the world are committed to transform our planet into a good place motivates me to go on with my activities in Global Learning. I think that Global educational partnerships have the power to transform learning into global and local action. Read more ..