Network Dialogues

Our network has the name Learn2Change: What do you want to change?

I want to change lives of young people in my country by empowering them and enabling them to see that there is a better future for all if they just learn and act.
Aleksandar Slijepcevic

Education 95% of the times is still the idea to put the world in pieces: 15 subjects, 1000 topics, 45 minutes each lesson: they call it school. But in reality learning is happening 90% of our time outside school in a world full of miracles, problems and challenges. That’s where real learning happens. So, schools: CHANGE!
Harald Kleem

In my case I would like to change the educational relationship between students and teachers for something more participative, a two-way dialogue and more than the sense of economic good that the authorities of my country give to education. New relationships between human beings and consider Mother Earth as a living being.
Jorge Huichala

I want to change the community and youth’s attitude to perceive themselves as change agents and to utilize available resources instead of waiting for resources, which are not readily available.
Joseph Kenson Sakala

I want to change the perception of our world: we cannot go on like we have been; we need creativity and openness to the manifold solutions available for the big problems of society. I believe the experience of creating far-reaching solutions with other people makes us much happier than any consumption could ever do.
Menja Holz

Given we are sharing the planet with many other human beings but also with many other species, I would like that we all change in a way that we live more consciously about what we do and how we do it; I am in particular referring to consumption. Resources are finite, and as such we need to be more aware of how much we consume. In a nutshell: change in attitude and become more active citizens, i.e., moving away from a passive ‘I eat it all’ attitude.
Patrick Waeber

I want to un-break the border walls between countries, un-break the borders in our minds, un-break the borders in our hearts. Changing the facts that seem to be given, changing ‘what has always been done like this’, changing what seems to be counterproductive, unhealthy and unjust. A long way –let’s go there step by step!
Rosa Lynn Grave

I would like to give every child and every person the same possibilities and chances to develop his or her potential in this world, no matter in which family or place he or she was born. Furthermore, I would like to delete the capacity of human beings to harm others just for profit.
Sarah Laustroer

As our network is very innovative, with ideas and action so through involving with the network I want to see our Education system comes out from colonial practices.
Sisir Dutta