OUR VOICES OUR PLANET. The role of civil society for democracy and sustainability

Symposium with hybrid elements and global perspectives

November 30, 2023, 08:30 am – 1:00 pm EAT (6:30 -11:00 am CET)
Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda and on Zoom


Hardly anyone today will question the sense and necessity of democracy and sustainability for a good life for all people in the world. Nevertheless, in reality we are experiencing wars, poverty, and hunger, an increase in social inequalities, environmental destruction and massive effects of climate change. Fatal living conditions force countless people to flee and migrate. For democracy to respond to the global inequalities and issues of sustainability, it has to be supported through citizenship education and public awareness that enables individuals to become responsible and engaged citizens. This requires a comprehensive and far-reaching transformations and fundamental shifts in perspective. Such fundamental changes require multi-stakeholders’ engagements including Government, Civil society organizations, private sectors and Community members in an inclusive way.

The key questions of the symposium were:

  • What kind of education to need to achieve a democratic, just and sustainable transformation?
  • How can civil society organizations contribute to education for sustainable development?
  • How can we increase the voices of people living with disability in a sustainable democratic process?
  • What political and legal framework conditions are needed to secure and expand civil society scope for action – locally and globally?
  • How can we increase children and youth’s voice in environmental democracy?
  • What kind of education do we need to enhance climate change mitigation?

The symposium was organized by Somero Uganda in cooperation and Department of Development Studies Kyambogo University in cooperation with the Learn2change-network.

Flyer symposium Kampala 30 November 2023

Concept note symposium Kampala 30 November 2023