Blog Bridge the Distance

The Learn2Change – Global Network of Educational Activists started in 2020 together with Peer-Leader-International, VNB and VEN the blog Bridge the Distance. INSIGHTS ON CORONA. The Covid-19 pandemic was and is affecing all of us. In the blog, people from all over the world tell us about their experiences, reflect about their everyday reality, about the changes they are facing in their personal and professional lives as well as in their countries due to the global Corona crisis.

Now, there is a new section: Bridge the Distance. INSIGHTS INTO WAR. Actually, another huge crisis is threatening the world community. Attacks on Ukrainian territory have been going on for years. It has affected the whole country since February 24th, 2022. What does it do to people when they are suddenly attacked, are in a war they don’t want? What does that do to the mostly young people in the neighboring countries, what to the people in the world? Do we have to rethink in order to stop violence and war or to prevent it in advance? Coordinated by Peer Leader international, you are invited to write down your feelings, your thoughts, your impulses and publish these contributions on the website,

If you are interested, send contributions on this topic: Insights on the war in Europe, in Ukraine – what is in YOUR mind now? Send it as an email OR as a short video-statement (not longer than 2 minutes) to Add your clear name OR anonymous, if you want, add your country and age, possibly a photo.  You can send your contributions in ENGLISH or GERMAN, but it is also possible to translate from other languages with a tool in the website. You can write in Ukrainian language, a volunteer can translate.

Or just have a look on the blog. Peer-Leader-International from Germany  will also add background information by serious media and ideas for using the forum in education, at school.

We are sure: There are stories to be told and voices to be heard!