Our history

The world is facing multiple global challenges today. In all countries, societies have to respond to climate change, ecological degradation, global injustice and inequality. A collective effort to achieve the transformation towards a sustainable world is necessary and proactive agents of change in all sectors and levels of society are of great importance. Education plays a major role. It develops the necessary awareness, knowledge and understanding of global contexts and it empowers people to be active for an ecological and just transformation.

Facing the global challenges and being aware of their interdependencies and the interdependency of all nations, the idea came up to build a global network of educational activists. We didn’t start from scratch. In the past, members of the German “Network for Global Learning in Lower Saxony and Bremen in the context of a sustainable development” and organizations of other countries that are now members of Learn2Change realized already several projects together. The wish became stronger to stabilize the connections and to work on a long-term perspective together.

In 2014 a small international group met in Germany to concretize the idea and to plan the next steps. The “Learn2Change – Global Network of Educational Activists” was found and started its work with a summer academy in 2015 where civil society activists from 19 countries came together to discuss the role of education for societal transformation and to exchange methods and tools for their work. Since then several smaller activities and projects happened and in September 2017 the second Learn2Change academy took place.