12-14 September 2022

Guiding questions
  • What challenges does climate change and an eco-social transformation impose on democracy worldwide?
  • How must democracy be (re)defined and lived to meet the need for global sustainability and climate justice?
  • Who “sits at the table” and whose voices are hardly heard in public discourse and decision-making?
  • How can people be empowered to participate in democratic processes for an eco-social transformation?
  • How can we defy the shrinking space of civil society and strengthen its role for democratic and sustainable futures?
  • Which kind of relationship between humans and nature do we need to protect our planet? How would our economy look?
  • How can we build our resilience and common trust to stay calm and able to navigate with care despite all urgency?
  • How can we design education to foster a beneficial relation between democracy and sustainability?
  • How can digitalization support participation and democratic processes for sustainability?

The documentation of the conference can be downloaded here.