Online Game

OUR VOICES – OUR PLANET invites learners from different ages to play the interactive text adventure story Selma’s Journey. The story of this online game is about challenges and possibilities of democratic engagement on different levels for a sustainable future, for the protection of human rights and the rights of nature.

The players get to know Selma, a university student from Malawi. Selma is an environmental and human rights activist. She discovers environmentally harmful and human rights violating practices of a multinational company operating in Malawi. To fight these practices, she travels to Ecuador and Germany and back to Malawi. On her way, she meets environmental and human rights activists and learns how they work for sustainability and democracy.

The players accompany Selma on her journey and see how she overcomes obstacles and challenges. Along the way, they search for clues, solve riddles, and take on small tasks together with Selma. In this way, they learn about diverse aspects of democracy and sustainability in a playful way.

The story and all characters and companies are fictitious. But similar things happen in real life all over the world.

A first version of the online text adventure game is now ready to play. We invite education multipliers, students and teachers to test the game with us, give us feedback and also talk about the topics of the game with experts from Germany and Malawi.

You can access the text adventure game here.

A handout with instructions, transcripts of video and audio messages etc. can be downloaded here.

The text adventure game has been developed the Büro für Eskapismus in cooperation with VNB e. V. and Learn2Change partners from Malawi, Ecuador and Germany.