Global Call to Re-Think Education

A group of Learn2Change-members from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America who met in several video conferences wrote a  Global call to re-think education – learn to change! We call for a global turning of our paradigms of education, as well as of our production and consumption patterns, and the way wealth is being distributed and accumulated. We need educative activism against exclusion and discrimination, when there is so much wealth in our countries.

Background of this call is the global COVID-19 crisis that reveals hidden beliefs and contradictions of our current thinking: How is it possible that the world’s economy is at the brink of collapse, only because we are reduced to buying what we really need? How can isolating yourself from other humans suddenly become no longer a doom, but a privilege for those who can afford it? So, should coming back to normality after the pandemic be our longing or must we acknowledge that normality is the crisis?

We know that the probability of uncontrolled pandemics is enhanced by deforestation and biodiversity loss. We know that climate change affects already the lives of many people. We know that environmental degradation and natural disasters increasingly interact with the drivers of refugee movements. Everything is related and interconnected.

You can download the call here and use it for your educational and advocacy work.

Global call to re-think education – learn to change!