12-14 September 2022


The world community is facing multiple crises that seem to make it increasingly difficult to live together in peace, justice and an intact environment.  We are experiencing wars, poverty and hunger, an increase in social inequalities, the loss of biodiversity and the negative effects of climate change. Disastrous living conditions are forcing many to flee and migrate.

Nevertheless, we are convinced that it is still possible to overcome these crises by radical change and a sustainable development that enables social, economic and environmental justice for all. For such a great transformation, we need appropriate political and economic frameworks and open societies where people can participate and actively shape change. We believe that education is a key element for democracy and for the participation in and shaping of sustainability. Global learning in dialogue with partners from around the world can support such educational processes.

In the international dialogue and learning project OUR VOICES OUR PLANET, we discuss the connection between democracy and sustainability. We make examples of democracy and sustainability movements visible and create spaces in which teachers and learners can exchange views on the topic.

In this context, the international conference for dialogue and learning on the connection between democracy and sustainability took place.

The documentation of the conference can be downloaded here.