We conduct digital seminars and workshops for mutual exchange and learning with educational activists from all over the world. With the digital seminars and workshops we want to promote the transfer of knowledge and learning from each other as well as the exchange of diverse perspectives and visions of a better world and a good life for all. The concrete topics of the webinars are intended to illustrate the variety of contents, topics, methods and tools discussed and applied within our network.

We are currently working on a series of web seminars and workshops on democracy and sustainability as part of the Project OUR VOICES – OUR PLANET.

If you are interested in the already realized events or if you would like to join a future one on a specific topic, please let us know. We will sent you information respectively try to integrate your wishes in one of our next programmes.


Learn2Change members are offering to participate in your educational work through Online-Expert-Interviews or other forms of live chats. By inviting our members to your teaching lessons, workshops or conferences, your learners will get the chance to come in direct contact with experts from all over the world. Personal stories can show that people all over the world are committed to justice and environmental protection and that action and change are possible. Depending on learning interests and needs, topics can be cemocracy and sustainability movements, climate change, working conditions in exporting industries, human rights, indigenous lifestyles, gender issues, racism and stereotypes, and more.

If you are interested in the organization of an online-meeting with one or more of our members, please contact us.

More information about the offer and the preparation and conduction of a live online-chat you will find on the next page. You can also have a look in our German fact sheet.