The methods published on this page were developed by Learn2Change partners and members.

The collection is not fully comprehensive, but is considered relevant and useful for the members of the Learn2Change–Global Network of Educational Activists. These are tools to develop the necessary awareness and understanding of global contexts, to encourage and empower learners of all ages from every society to play an active role for an ecologically sound and globally just transformation.


Waste management – recycling and upcycling
Author: April Lai, Hongkong
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The Rural-Urban Dialogue Festival: Community initiatives based on Popular Education and Intercultural Dialogue 
Claudia Gimena Roa Avendano, Colombia
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The Tree of Dreams – A method for environmental education in schools
Gaia Sanvicente Traverso, Brasil
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SCREAM – Children as agents of Social change
Geofrey Nsubuga, Uganda
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Simulation of conflicts and negotiations
Hamza Ghedamsi, Tunisia
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Advancing the quality of life of Mapuche children in rural contexts: the main challenges and needs
Jorge Huichalaf Diaz, Chile
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Building awareness in learners on the negative consequences of bad human practices
MacLee Louis Zulu, Malawi
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Results based management: Pathway to vision … a sensitive journey
Rita Muckenhirn, Nicaragua
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Unearth – Using crossword puzzles for English lessons with sustainable contents
Ruby Hembrom, India
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Theatre in Education: a way of generating people’s empowerment
Sisir Ranjan Dutta, Bangladesh
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