This is a realm of conceptual essays contributed by members of the Learn2Change – Global Network of Educational Activists.
Important terms, ideas and concepts, which serve as a basis for our educational work are discussed. Guiding questions are amongst others:

What does wealth / Good Life / development mean for you in your specific work and living context / in your country? Which local challenges for an ecologically sound and globally just world are you actually facing in this context?
What role does education play for achieving a Good Life for all?
Most of the essays were developed for discussions during the Learn2Change Academy.


Raise your glass to recycling awareness!
April Lai, Hongkong

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Reflections on Good Living – Buen Vivir. From cultures of consumerism to cultures of sustainability
Claudia Gimena Roa Avendano, Colombia
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Learn2Change-Academy (113 of 127)

Education that awakens
An analysis of the brazilian society and the potential of education for a considerable Transformation
Gaia Sanvicente Traverso, Brazil
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A good life: not a question of financial status, but of personal fulfilment
A definition of development and education in the Ugandan context
Geofrey Nsubuga, Uganda
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The ‘equation’ of Pan-Africanism
An essay on history and principles of Pan-Africanism
Hamza Ghedamsi, Tunisia
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Networking for a future that is really ours
Jorge Huichalaf Díaz,  Chile
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Appreciating the good life
A Malawian working class perspective
MacLee Louis Zulu, Malawi
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Theory of Change
Reflections about Good Living, Theory U and Pathway to Vision in the Central American Context
Rita Muckenhirn, Nicaragua
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Adivasis and Sustainable Development
Not just a Good Life – Not yet a Good Life
Ruby Hembrom, India
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global learning

The World Citizens Movement
Old Paradigms and New Narratives of Change
Timo Holthoff, Germany
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Buen Vivir, Pacha Mama, and the Defenders of Mother Earth
Claudia Gimena Roa, Colombia (translation by Menja Holtz)
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The Ubuntu Concept of Good Life
Louis Zulu, Malawi
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Shaping global change with education: Thoughts on the effectiveness of Global Learning
Marion Rolle, Germany
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The boundaries of the adjacent possible, or what can we ask of an olive tree?
Rene Suša
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Decolonisation of Education: A call from within
Ruby Hembrom, India
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Global Citizenship A common compass for transformative education?
Timo Holthoff
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