Network Dialogues

What does "Good Life" mean to you? What makes you happy?

For me good life means when your closest friends and family are happy and satisfied with the life that they have. And when there are no ‘borders’ that prevent you from being everything that you want to be.
Aleksandar Slijepcevic

It doesn’t mean housed, dressed and eat well. A healthy living/working environment where creatures and nature are in harmony and peace. No need to worry about the basic needs; people are free to choose their path.
April Lai

To have a good life is to work in balance regarding my social network and nature.
To have fun with my family and friends, to be a bit crazy (sometimes), to help people stand on their own feet, to project processes, which make sense; that’s happiness.
Dirk Schröder-Brandi

Good life for me means having access to nature and artistic expressions besides being able to provide these possibilities to other people.
Gaia Sanvicente Traverso

In my opinion, good life means access to the basic human needs, that is a quality education, adequate food that has a balanced diet, clothing, quality medical care, adequate shelter and a clean environment. It also includes access to information and an environment where one’s human rights are not violated.
What makes me happy is a world where all children and all the other vulnerable groups of people are safe, have a good life and their rights protected. If I can play a role in ensuring that they can access quality education, and their rights are protected, then that makes me happy.
Geofrey Nsubuga

The good life for me means living in peace, having good relations with everything in existence, considering that Mother Earth is alive. The development in the good Mapuche living comes from within, it is not the same as the welfare state that comes from the outside in, and it is an equilibrium of a spiritual state along with the material.
Jorge Huichalaf

Good life is when my actions and efforts are able to not only improve my personal condition and state but that of a person next door or someone I do not even know; in simple terms life is perceived to be great when we live for other people.
I delight in seeing how impactful my little efforts can be on the community or other people, the smile I see on their faces makes me super happy and satisfied.
Joseph Kenson Sakala

Good life is for everyone, not a better life for some. It means that we think of the world as a whole, at a global scale and includes all beings and nature.
Katherine Arp

A good life to me means not struggling with basic human needs or being scared about how to survive. Not to get judged or discriminated for my origin, religion, culture, disabilities, skin colour, gender or sexual orientation. It means to be accepted the way I am. A good life means to have access to education: to go to school, to study or to do an apprenticeship and be able to take care of myself. Also to have family and friends who support and care about me and share their love.
A smile is the shortest and easiest way to communicate between people and has a magical effect: most people smile back. So to make someone smile or just to see people smiling, laughing and being happy makes me happy as well. Especially when people share their happiness and spread it into the world. But also to know that I have a supportive, loving and caring family and friends who have my back, whatever challenge I might face and who believes in me, makes me happy. And not to underestimate good and tasty food!
Malin Veenhuis

Waemo kiminino – our ‘buen vivir’ (good life) in Waorani.
We are connected with the Jaguar, the harpy eagle, the waterfalls and the forest. Being this is the base for all living beings in the amazon, the good life means rivers and forests without contamination, healthy organic food and conserving our ancestral territory for generations to come.

To me a Good Life means: Living and not having to worry about making ends meet, not thinking about how I am going to survive today, what is my family going to eat today? How am I going to pay rent at the end of the month? It means living and not just existing and trying to get by. It means not having to struggle over human needs. It means being given a chance to change what was and what could be to what should be. It means being actually excited about what you were created for and what your destiny is. And it means being accepted for who you are and be supported for what you want to be.
What makes me happy is seeing someone happy, and being able to make someone happy. What makes me happy is seeing a struggling person smile – this is priceless, I never understand how a person without a home nor food to eat is able to smile through it all; this gives me hope.  What makes me happy is hearing how proud my grandmother is of me and what I’m becoming. What makes me happy is love – loving and being loved. What makes me happy is being part of a wonderful group of change makers and succeeding at making a difference in the world.
Buso Memela

My view is: Good Life for all is the aim of development. Sharing and discussing with people around the world can strengthen the awareness that we are all members of the human community on Mother Earth.
Sabine Meyer

It makes me happy to live in the moment and to share it with friends and family. These moments –despite problems, injustice or the system can be overcome with togetherness and the sharing of joy and faith; this makes me happy.
Sarah Laustroer

A good life to me is always living in a value-based society, which promotes peace, tolerance and non-violence. I feel accomplished when I am involved with initiatives that uphold values for both men and women.
Sisir Dutta

Good life for me means to be able to live in a situation, which enables and fosters physical and psychological balance. It makes me happy to live according to my own rhythm and to have ideas, dreams or concrete projects to follow. Climbing and Sports interlinks all of those dimensions – and community is essential.
Timo Steinert

Good life means having the freedom of choice and making decisions myself; not being driven by others but by my interests.
Patrick Waeber

‘All those who need their neighbour’s freedom for their own freedom shall stand up’, a song of the Dutch folklore band ‘The Bots’ has a lot to do with what makes me happy: to get together with different people and communicate on an equal footing, to exchange ideas and to expand my own view of the world with new perspectives.
Ulli Meinholz