Network Dialogues

Do you think that global educational partnerships can shape or transform the world?

Speaking to educators from all over the world filled me with pride and hope! Hope that there is a way to work together on a better future. Education is one key element to overcome racism, fear, and environmental issues. We educators always profit from putting our heads together for finding new ways to learn.
Annika Hammer

The global educational partnership is the only way to learn something about the essential experiences from others, to ask the important questions and to find the right solutions for the complexity of our present global situation. If we are able to learn from each other, then we could find a way to transform the word.
It is helpful to learn something about different angles of views on the present situation and problems and the teamwork inspires me to find creative solutions for sustainability. As an employee of the Regional Hubs for Sustainability Strategies in Germany I could give hints and proposals for politicians within the framework of the Agenda 2030 for sustainability.
Dirk Schröder-Brandi

Global educational partnerships ground my work. By listening to, communicating with and learning from each other, I can learn to see the world through many different eyes. Those perspectives are a huge enrichment of my educational work. Furthermore, a global partnership like Learn2Change gives me strength and motivation. Knowing that people all over the world are committed to transform our planet into a good place motivates me to go on with my activities in Global Learning. I think that Global educational partnerships have the power to transform learning into global and local action.
Gabriele Janecki

Global learning means to see local and global challenges and to work on them. To find a good solution we need global networks to change perspectives and the power and knowledge of our friends. I’m sure that our local solutions then will have global effects.
Harald Kleem

I believe that the action of the network is already impacting the change of the world. I had another image of the German citizen and that has changed from the relationships I have had with the members of the network who belong to different parts of the world. Not everything is Hollywood and the wrong image they intend to create for us.
Jorge Huichalaf

Global educational partnership is essential towards transforming the world through the complementarities and synergies that are created through some common grounds.
Joseph Kenson Sakala

To transform the world, we need good ideas and people to share them with through networks.
Katherine Arp

We are all getting closer via technical things and also in real life. For years we in our work have talked about politics, economics and people in the global south. It’s time to stop just talking about each other but doing something together.
Kathrin Damm

The transformation of the world is a big goal. It is important to have small ‘islands of hope’ in different parts of the world but it is also important to have global partnerships to connect them and to bring the struggles together. The problems we are facing, are global ones so we should also bring the strengths together and look for global solutions. I can draw great motivation of the work from the global network because I can see that people around the world are working for the same big goal.
Sarah Laustroer