Network Dialogues

Do you feel like a global citizen? What does this mean for you?

Yes, because my life is influenced so much from all around the world; my way of thinking, my ideals, and my consumption.
Achim Riemann

A Global citizen, for me is being accepted and respected for what one is, everywhere one goes without any prejudices, so yes, I feel like a global citizen.
Aleksandar Slijepcevic

Living in a world where we can communicate so easily from one side of the planet to the other is a gift. Because it gives us the chance to put all our knowledge and spirituality together and help saving mother earth. If we, the human kind can overcome prejudice, fear and greed, I see a chance for us and would be proud to be a global citizen. But as long the capitalistic system and the ‘Industrial countries’ take all the resources including human resources as if there was no tomorrow it spells doom for all of us. Being a global citizen for me means that we are all together responsible for social justice and for our planet.
Annika Hammer

Global citizen? Yes, certainly I am one in this globalized planet. I am affected by global issues/warming/disaster/good news; and surely impacting with my atoms: a mosquito effect but a dragon effect with atoms chemical reaction.
April Lai

To be a global citizen is not a question to me, because by living on earth we are part of this global ecosystem that connects us all and connects all our lives and actions. The awareness of this essential relation between us all is part of what we have to understand in this world to make the future good life on earth possible.
Barbara Brunner

Yes, I am a global citizen. I live in a world full of social, political and ecological connections and linkages. I am fascinated by the beauty of our shared earth, by the diversity of nature and by the multitude of active people. I am thrilled to discover the connections between my life and that of other people all around the world. As a global citizen, I feel committed to contribute to the maintenance of this diversity and to achieve global justice.
Gabriele Janecki

Mother Earth connects us from birth, we are part of it and not its owners, therefore the reconnection must be on a human and terrestrial level, allowing the ancestral concepts of solidarity and mutual support to impact us and then impact the Mother Earth.
Jorge Huichalaf

Yes, I do feel as a global citizen. This implies being in the shoes of others from across the globe and taking actions that benefits my country and the global community at large for example engaging in tree planting projects and peace building actions.
Joseph Kenson Sakala

Yes, I feel like a global citizen. Borders, origin and homeland – they are all more and more discussed terms which need to be reconsidered.
Kathrin Damm

I understand global citizenship as a political project of (global) social utopia. It begins with the attitude of individuals to combine unconditional acceptance of the diversity of cultural lifestyles with the granting of civil, social, economic and political rights within the meaning of Agenda 2030 such as food security, decent work and equal educational opportunities for all. This is followed by the path to jointly support, cross-cultural ethical-political principles as a basis for the equal participation of individuals both in coping with the (world) social challenges facing us and in securing their basic needs for life.
Markus Auditor

Not really, I don’t know enough of the world, but it would be great to feel that way. I guess networks such as Learn2Change could help us in that. Part of it would definitely be to know that everything we do in one place has consequences for the whole world. Understanding this would change our behaviour.
Menja Holz

Feeling like a global citizen means to me becoming more aware of my own society’s global (colonial) past and present—of my role as a white German woman in the contemporary German society. Of how much my perception of globality and citizenship depends on this specific context I’ve been raised in. I feel like exchanging with people who have been raised in same and/or different contexts about this question of global citizenship, trying to listen deeply to their ideas. Thinking about the question again, I feel like being on a life-long journey of (un)learning.
NiNa Reichert

Yes, I feel like a global citizen. In practical terms, for me this means that when it comes to political or social issues, I always think along with the perspective of a country in the global south that I know well. So it is not only the German or European view. In my case, that’s Ghana. This is what I try to achieve in the work of the VNB with the Weltwärts-volunteers. They shall see the world also from the perspective of a country in which they have been guests for one year. They also become global citizens through this.
Reinhold Bömer

I somewhat feel like a global citizen. I was politicized within the movement criticizing the neoliberal globalisation. Connecting local struggles with the fights for justice, human rights and the environment of activist in the global south.
I had the privilege to travel to several countries in Latin America and connect with peoples’ movements there. Global citizenship for me means to work towards a world where all humans have the same rights and possibilities.
Robin Stock

I was born here, you were born elsewhere; but we were both born on this planet. What unites us is that we’re precious citizens of this wonderful earth. Nationalities have been created by humans to structure and organize our human being. Global citizens can’t unhitch themselves from others. Global citizens have this interconnection in mind in every step they take, feeling part of a belonging that goes beyond the national borders they are born in or they are living in. Global citizens thus act and think, asking: what is healthy and beneficial for the global community? I define myself as a global citizen – do you?
Rosa Lynn Grave

Yes, I feel like a global citizen. I grew up in a family that loves to travel. When I was a child I had books in different languages and in school I learned as many languages as possible. I have the privilege to travel around the world without many restrictions and I like to get to know new places and perspectives. I see that everything is connected and that I am part of it. To see that, I don’t even have to leave my city. But sometimes the feeling of connectedness bursts like a balloon, seeing borders, injustice, hate and environmental pollution.
Sarah Laustroer

I feel like a global citizen. I have the chance to travel to most countries in the world. I was able to take some things with me from there and transfer them into my environment. Also in my job as a speaker for West African and Brazilian music this is a topic — what moves people when they make their music, what moves us? And vice versa, of course, again and again the discussions in the countries of the South: what are we doing in Germany, how free, democratic and equal is society in my home country?
Ulli Meinholz