Network Dialogues

How can we move from learning to action?

Having a good idea, real personal motivation and hopefully people around you, who believe in the same.
Achim Riemann

Seeing and knowing how other people succeed in different settings and conditions to do great things will empower ourselves to be better in what we do, and enforce the change that we see somewhere in future.
Aleksandar Slijepcevic

‘Solutions start with education’ – this was the take home message of the promotional video of a university that I saw a few years ago and it kind of stuck in my head. It expresses to me that people have to learn that they can be part of the solution.
Antje Rendigs

We need to communicate stories of success, stories from courageous people and successful action to show to other people that we have the power to change. Furthermore, we need to know how we can get active for a better world, as a consumer as well as political and social actors. And we need experimental spaces in and outside schools where learners of all ages can connect to community, can discover own needs and the needs of the community, develop own ideas and can try out political and social action. This strengthens, empowers, and leads from learning to action.
Gabriele Janecki

In my case the action means organized resistance, many of my blood brothers understand that they must resist to death. My idea is to organize to resist and thus disseminate cultural issues and solidarity between human beings and with Mother Earth.
Jorge Huichalaf

Designing the learning process in a way that it clearly corresponds to the local context and starts to implement the feasible small steps that will eventually feed into bigger steps or action.
Joseph Kenson Sakala

Learning by action!
Menja Holz

I think that learning is an essential form of taking action if we use it to not only think about ‘the others’ but to reflect on our own attitude that informs every decision we make and the way we see the world. If we include our own learning process in our idea of ‘taking action’, we can find new ways of getting involved in every day life situations. Our daily life is full of opportunities to take action. Starting from there, we can practice our skills in shaping the world we live in. Let’s see how far we can get.
NiNa Reichert

In almost every educational project I plan that the learners put into practice what they learn –anticipatively. My motto is: EDUCATION & ACTION = CHANGE.
An example: In the VNB project ‘Die Klimafresser’ on climate and nutrition, we offer learners a GREEN BUNNY DOG, a vegan, almost climate-neutral alternative to a Hot Dog with carrots instead of sausage, without palm oil products, with regional organic wholemeal flour, salads, etc.
Reinhold Bömer