Preliminary Program Day 2: September 13, 2022

Moderator: Timo Holthoff




Check-In: Individual and group exercises, including a walk outside



WORKSHOP SESSION I: Civil Society for Sustainability and Democracy: Challenges, Perspectives, Discourses

  • Dealing with shrinking spaces of civil society: How to protect and strengthen civic action?
    Facilitators: Geofrey Nsubuga, Somero, Uganda; April Lai, Greeners South, Hongkong/China
  • Why representation matters!? How to design participation for ensuring individual and collective rights of all?
    Facilitators: Hamza Ghedamsi, Model African Union, Tunisia; Gilbert Kofi Germain, Young and Lonely Foundation, Ghana
  • Giving rights to nature – an emerging idea?
    Facilitators: Christian Cray, member of the European hub of GARN, Germany; Jorge Huichalaf, Cooperativa Küme Mogen, Chile
  • Looking at history: Decolonization as precondition for climate justice?!
    Facilitators: Ruby Hembrom, adivaani, India; Maissara Saeed, Solidan, Germany
  • Good digital life for all? Digital capitalism and alternatives.
    Facilitator: Niclas Guentor, Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie, Germany






WORKSHOP SESSION II: Civil Society for Sustainability and Democracy: Strategies, Practices, Actions

  • Democracy is more than a teaching unit: Living participation to engage young and non-privileged people and create structures for active citizenship.
    Facilitators: Nomatlou Mahalangu, Golden Youth Club, South Africa; Harald Kleem and NN, Peer Leader International, Germany;
  • Participatory and democratic forms of learning for democracy and sustainability.
    Facilitators: Julia Wältring, Verband Entwicklungspolitik Niedersachsen, Germany; NN, Peace Brigades International
  • The power of local communities for change. Strategies and tools for community empowerment and action.
    Facilitator: Joseph Kenson Sakala, YSD Malawi
  • Community based and solidary economy models as basis for democracy and sustainability.
    Facilitator(s): Sabine Meyer, Indisches Haus, Germany; NN
  • How can we use digitalization to support action for sustainability and democracy?
    Facilitator(s): Konstantin Müller, Weltladen Magdeburg, Germany; Laura Chocontá, aware&fair, Germany


Moderated Fishbowl: Connecting the dots from different perspectives



19.30-open end

Evening program: open stage show