The live chat / video conference at your school

Who can participate?

The target group are students from grade 5 onwards from all general and vocational schools. The format is suitable for many subjects, study groups and project lessons.

What are the topics?

Our members enjoy reporting on life in their countries and can cover a variety of topics: climate change, rainforests, working conditions, human rights, indigenous lifestyles, Buen Vivir / Good Life / Ubuntu, fair trade, children’s rights, situation of girls are just examples.

How does the chat work?

Trainers from our German team conduct the live chat. We will organize the contents and the course of the live chat according to the needs of your students.

The first step is a personal phone call with a teacher from your school. We will discuss the exact content, possible dates and a rough schedule for the live chat with you. We will then look for a chat partner according to your wishes and needs. The chat partners are either members of our network or come from their communities. Once we have found the partner for the live chat, we will provide you with information and material about the person and his or her work so that you and your students can prepare for the chat. We can also come to your school before the live chat and support with the preparation.

Optimally, the live chat itself takes place during 2-3 school hours. The whole lesson usually consists of a short introduction, the development of concrete questions from the students to the chat partners (if not happened before), the execution of the live chat and an evaluation discussion.

In which language do we communicate?

The chat usually takes place in English. If desired, you can also communicate with our Latin American partners in Spanish. We are happy to help with translations, if necessary.

What is the contribution of your school?

The school ensures that the class has access to one or more computers with an Internet connection, a camera and speakers. If you don`t have the possiblityto provide the technique, please let us know.

A small fee may be charged for the chat-partners, depending on existing funding opportunities.

Get in contact

Are you interested, do you have questions or suggestions? Then contact us.

For the realization of a Skype-Expert-Meeting by your own, you may also have a look on our brief manual in German.