What role do global educational partnerships and projects play for change in the sense of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how can they be successfully and equally designed? In the frame of the project “Connect for Change” we address these and other questions in different occasions – together with people from the Global North and the Global South who are active in global educational partnerships in schools and civil society.

From 22nd of October until 2nd of November 16 educational experts from Africa, Asia and Latin America visited Germany to participate in a two weeks-program consisting of an introduction seminar, a visit tour in Lower Saxony, a conference and an evaluation meeting. During the visit tour we got to know various global educational partnerships for change in schools and NGOs in Lower Saxony and reflected on the different approaches and formats.

In the conference that followed after the visit tours more participants joined the group. Together we took a close look at challenges and conditions for success, discussed our practices as well as motivated and inspired us each other to develop our work further. Around 120 students, teachers, representatives from civil society organisations and other activists from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America involved in international educational partnerships and projects participated in the conference.

More information on the conference and the activities linked to “Connect for Change” you can find on the project website.

The conference was organized by: Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen (VNB), Verband Entwicklungspolitik Niedersachsen (VEN), Niedersächsisches Kultusministerium, Niedersächsisches Landesinstitut für schulische Qualitätsentwicklung and Verein Initiativen Partnerschaft Eine Welt (IP1) in cooperation with tLearn2Change – Global Network of Educational Activists, Internationales Haus Sonnenberg and RENN Nord – Regionale Netzstellen Nachhaltigkeitsstrategien.