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How do we want to live today and in the future?

Which global and local challenges are we actually facing?

What role does education for a societal transformation?

The “Learn2Change–Global Network of Educational Activists” aims to respond to these and more questions by global exchange and mutual learning. We, the members, civil society activists from all over the world, believe in the transformative power of education. And we believe that global exchange, mutual learning and educational cooperation contribute to global sustainability.

The network was founded in 2015 and started its work with a conference in Germany where educational and civil society activists from 19 countries came together to discuss the above mentioned questions and exchanged methods and tools for their work. Since then the communication and the connection was kept by common work on questions like structure or the mission statement of the network. Furthermore smaller activities and (bilateral) projects happened in the last two years.

In September 2017 the next Learn2Change conference will take place in Germany, organized by an international preparation team from Chile, Germany, India, Tunisia and Uganda. With this conference the network shall be strengthened and consolidated to continue the journey of change with new energy. The conference will be also the start for the common implementation of further steps, like the development of eLearning tools and the publication of a common book.
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We are happy about everyone who wants to accompany us on this journey.
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We welcome you to this platform and invite you to join Learn2Change – Global Network of Educational Activists. You will be informed on upcoming events, concepts, philosophy and approaches with respect to the main topics about sustainable development, de-growth, etc., on concepts of global learning, methodologies, tools and instruments which encourage taking the small and big steps to act.



Events in the period from January 2018 till December 2018

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