We work on a common vision of a fulfilling life for every individual with respect to our planet and our future.

The network “Learn2Change – Global Network of Educational Activists” serves as a platform and think tank to exchange, foster and implement new approaches of learning and social change through global partnerships. By learning from each other, we seek to search and nurture stories of unconventional wisdom and alternative social practice across borders so as to decolonize our hearts and minds and relink to our shared earth.

The members of the Network believe in an education that is inclusive, participatory, empowering and experiential, appreciating the varied and unique approaches to learning.

The Network creates opportunities for the sharing and distribution of philosophies, concepts, best practices, lived in experiences and methodologies of learning and social change by face-to-face meetings, research, conferences, e-learning and online dialogue. It connects people on a local, regional and global level, uniting, informing and coordinating their efforts for change.

Learn2Change – Global Network of Educational Activists is an open and democratic network of equal actors that respect each other’s diversity and particular perspectives. It welcomes every global citizen to partake in this forum and contribute and draw from it both digitally and in face-to-face interventions.