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adivaani, India

     adivaani-the first voices-a publishing and archiving outfit of, by and for Adivasis was born as a response of the indigenous peoples to India's identity being threatened, ignored, misrepresented and supressed.
The adivaani idea is to challenge every misconstrued notion about Adivasis, set records straight and advocate for Adivasi being. adivaani is about preserving, promoting and propagating Adivasi expression.

We think books are a great way to announce Adivasi presence.
We aim to create a database of the authentic Adivasi voice, as recounted by ourselves - narratives and oral traditions that may be forgotten or lost in the wake of modernity. We also want to proclaim that Adivasi narratives are not just about misery, pain and exploitation - we have a rich legacy of intellectual, imaginative, creative, poetic, romantic and thrilling stories that need to be told.

And we are not just about books - we’re slowly venturing into all the features that define Adivasi being and exploring mediums of arts, crafts, education, musicology and documentary films to consolidate our presence.

adivaani is a registered Trust (No. 4326 of 2012, West Bengal) operating out of Kolkata, India.

»Ruby Hembrom

ASA, Germany


 The ASA-Program is a global learning program dedicated to global justice and a sustainable future. It supports young and dedicated people to expand their skills and to contribute to sustainable global by offering a learning cycle consisting of training seminars, a practical phase and a follow-up phase including a global activity.
The former participants create the ASA network that offers further opportunities of learning and networking. As volunteer representatives former participants are involved in shaping the further development of ASA.
The ASA-Program is part of Engagement Global gGmbH.

»Robin Stock


Aware and Fair school club, Malawi

Aware and FairAt the moment, Aware and Fair is a school club that is existing in three secondary schools and three primary schools. It is in the process of growing and getting established in some selected schools of Blantyre City. With voluntary students and their teachers we work on various themes related to development such as: sexual reproductive health of teenagers, poverty reduction, sustainable management of the environment, gender equality and fair practices in trade.

This year, the club is focusing on sustainable management of the environment. We are teaching students the 3 Rs: Reuse, recycle and reduce because our schools and homes are untidy due to poor disposal of wastes. Students will change this. We also plant trees to reduce the effect of impact of floods like what happened this year. Through global partnership between Germany, Malawi and Poland, in Aware and Fair, students learn from each other good practices and experiences that can enrich lives of people in Africa and Europe.

 »Louis Zulu

Action Youth Aid Network, Ghana

A street kids and Youth project in Ghana, Its main to provide and improve the lives of our local youth through scholastic education to children, and hands-on assistance such as mentoring the children, provision of education and playing materials and construction of class rooms as well as provision of accommodation in some cases.

»Nana Osei Bonsu

BITA (Bangladesh Institute of Theatre Arts), Bangladesh

Bangladesh Institute of Theatre Arts (BITA), a non-government organization, has been administering development initiatives focusing human rights, cultural upliftment and poverty alleviation since 1994. BITA is participating in national development by promoting social agendas on issues of social, cultural, environmental, rights and governance and creating positive changes in the values of the people through innovative approaches which has a strong local context and formed by local version. BITA’s vision is a society where respect and practice of rights by all is an integral part of life. BITA has realized that empowerment is the precondition to fulfill human desire and potential, which is based on a recognition and faith in people’s own power and resources. The power, aspirations and resources of the communities can be nurtured, utilized and developed through systematic cultural interventions.

»Sisir Dutta

Bildung trifft Entwicklung - Bildungsstelle Nord (BtE)
Education meets Development - Northern Regional Educational Institution,

     The Northern Regional Educational Institution is one of five educational institutions of the federal consortium of "Education meets Development".

The main focus of this educational institution is the qualification and exchange of people returning from development cooperations, volunteers of a developmental volunteer service and people from countries of the global South. All of them contribute through their experience and competence gained in countries of the South to the educational events of global learning. They not only inform directly, lively and authentic about living conditions in remote countries but they also show what connects us with them.

We offer educational units, project days and weeks as well as seminaries and further education. We offer education for nursery schools, elementary schools, secondary schools, vocational schools, youth institutions, universities and applied universities as well as institutions for adult education and seniors and other interested organizations.

»Sophie Städing

biz - Bremer Informationszentrum für Menschenrechte und Entwicklung
Bremen Information Center for human rights and development, Germany

The Bremen Information Center for human rights and development (biz) is a local ngo that organizes lectures, seminars, workshops, exhibitions etc. in the fields of human rights and (sustainable) development for people mainly in Bremen. Important fields of our work are fair trade, sustainable consumption, water and the clean clothes campaign (CCC). Furthermore we run an information center in the city of Bremen were you can find books, brochures, films and journals. We develop and provide teaching materials for schools and advise teachers and students. Our focus is awareness raising through information and education about global relations and dependencies. The leading concept of our work is education for sustainable development (ESD). By informing people here about living and working conditions of people in the global south we try to influence consumer behavior, by lobbying politicians we contribute to changes in economic and political structures.

»Gertraud Gauer-Süß, Randy Haubner


3WFHannover - Forum für eine andere Welt/
3WF Hannover - Forum for another World,

      Founded by members of solidarity movements at the end of the 1980s, the 3WF today stands for an open platform for activists who are committed to Global Change. We put emphasis on shaping our "own" society organising meetings on global topics, contacts with international activists, instructive experiences and other fanciful interventions in daily life.

»Anna Piquardt, Barbara Brunner, Christine Höbermann



 Ecuela El Esfuerzo "Newen Küsaw", Chile

    The school El Esfuerzo "Newen Küzaw" is inserted in a Mapuche community in the Lleupeco sector in the region of Araucania. The programm is working with a group of twenty Mapuche children and represents a family effort to support cultural recovery, vernacular and cultural traditions of neighboring families. Seeks to develop intercultural education and advance the learning of children promoting cultural encounters, educational outputs students and support of children with special educational needs and their families.

 »Jorge Huichalaf

FairBindung, Germany


 FairBindung is a grassroots NGO based in Berlin that stands up for a solidary, just and sustainable world. It´s main focus are approaches of alternatives to the current capitalist and growth based economy.
FairBindung offers different activities and materials in the context of global learning. Furthermore it experiments with alternative forms of economy and trade in practice through the cooperation with the cooperative AMNSI in Guatemala.

 »Robin Stock




Freundeskreis Malawi, Friends Circle Malawi and Town Twinning Hannover-Blantyre, Germany

Freundeskreis MalawiThe Friends Circle was founded 51 years ago, taking the initiative to create the first partnership between an African city and a German citiy. Town twinning Hannover and Blantyre was born and the friend circle is the promoter of this partnership.

»Silvia Hesse

 FUNDAEXPRESIÒN - Fundación de Expresión Intercultural, Educativa y Ambiental, Colombia

     FUNDAEXPRESIÓN was founded in 2001 and is based in the region of Santander, north-eastern region of Colombia. Our aims are to empower marginalised groups of society towards achieving sustainable livelihoods and the conservation of cultural - natural heritage. We actively promote participatory education, intercultural dialogue, sustainable livelihood practices and alternative communication and networking.

A particular achievement has been our community work with a Campesino School of Agroecology and a network of Community Forest Reserves, involving many peasant and women’s associations, by fostering traditional knowledge, cultural identity and collective action on issues of food sovereignty and the defense of territories (land, seeds, water and forests).

Our scenarios for popular education are diverse, and include youth training on biodiversity, exchanges on alternative energies, agroecological production, local marketing schemes, as well as the production of radio and testimonial literature. We also develop an annual Rural - Urban Dialogue Festival with the participation of indigenous, afro, fisher-folk, peasant communities, youth and urban groups from different regions of Colombia, as a creative scenario to uphold diversity and promote good living - Buen Vivir.

»Claudia Gimena Roa Avendaño

German Sudanese Association for Development, Germany


 In German Sudanese Association for development we are trying to redefine what do we mean by development, cultural exchange, etc. . Education in its broader meaning is our basic tool for addressing issues like: Human, women and children rights in Sudan and equality, social justice and refugees rights and empowerment in Germany.



 »Maissara Saeed


Globalization Monitor, Hong Kong

       Globalization Monitor is a non-profit organization based in Hong Kong. It was founded shortly before the big Seattle protest against the WTO in 1999. Its editorial board members are activists from trade unions, the green movement, regional groups and grassroots organizations. It has been the chief organization in HK to dedicate itself to promoting awareness of the negative effects of globalization, providing publications and public education, campaigning and monitoring China.

»May Wong

Golden Youth Club (GYC), South Africa

Golden Youth Club

 Golden Youth Club project was founded in 2001 as a non-profit organization in Winterveld, South Africa. It is a young dynamic project with a vision to make performing arts more accessible to audiences in South Africa and across the world. GYC is composed of two groups (teenagers and young adults). The teenagers deal with performing arts while the young adults are Peer-Leaders dealing with research projects such as Climate Change.The Peerleaders train and mentor the teenagers into becoming great Peer-leaders. These projects constantly explore new creative ways of bringing out the true essence of education. It has evolved its own distinct style of presentation by fusing ethnic and modern genres of dancing and theatre play. Its musical compositions are confluence of educational messages in South Africa and across the world. Each dance composition is carefully crafted with intricate detailing in synchronization, choreography pattern, thematic costumes and suitable light & stage effects. Members of Golden youth club have diverse poetry, gumboots Dance, theatre and musical background which they spread health messages in a familiar context (Climate Change, HIV/Aids, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, and etc.

 »Buso Memela

Green Glass Green, Hong Kong

Green Glass GreenGreen Glass Green is a pilot glass project to promote glass recycling practice and policy in the territories. Education and recycling facilities are the two sides of the project. The project started with no policy to the current legislation drafting witnesses the echo of the need of greener and sustainable society; and the momentum driven from the actors of civil society.

»April Lai



Indisches Haus, Germany


„Indisches Haus“ - Indian House - is an initiative to promote topics regarding India in the area of education and learning through events, seminars and exibitions. It is also building up a collection of material: books, background information, things with a story to it.


Our aim is to raise awareness towards the real living conditions in India – as an example of a country with cultural diversity and rich ressouces of nature and minerals, which is in the process and struggle of „development“. We create concepts for workshops from this background. On the bases of the international human rights and the discussion on sustainable development. Special focus: Adivasi – the cultures of indigenous peoples and their struggles for livelihood and landrights.


Our work also includes mobile activities in schools etc. and participation in larger events like the international gardenshow in Hamburg 2013, networking with other India-related NGOs and networking on global education in Lower Saxony and Bremen.

»Sabine Meyer

Küme Mogen, Chile

Küme Mogen is a mutual savings bank of mapuche people and inhabitants of Wallmapu, culturally belonging, dignifying and rooting in productive community iniciatives.

»Jorge Huichalaf


La Cuculmeca, Nicaragua

     La Cuculmeca, a local NGO, was founded in 1990 in Jinotega, the northern part of Nicaragua, with the vision that the rural families generate by their own the changes for a sustainable human development.
Its mission is to facilitate and to influence in the sustainable management of the environment and the participation of the communities in its own development. For to achieve this, La Cuculmeca is working in education, environment, ecological agriculture and participation. The target groups are rural families, communities and grassroot organisations, but also other national NGO. A main topic which with La Cuculmeca influenced on international level is the human right for water.

»Rita Muckenhirn
Blog La Cuculmeca


Mirantao, Germany

     Mirantao started 30 years ago with development aid for Brazil, now focussed on international projects on education.

»Buso Memela, Harald Kleem

Modèle de L' Union Africaine, Tunisia
Model African Union

     Modèle de L' Union Africaine is a non-governmental organization, apolitical and non-profit. Developed and founded by the young Tunisian Hamza Ghedamsi and supported by the Youth Ivorian Co-founder Blamassi Touré. MUA began as a project in the shape of the simulation of the work of the African Union held in Tunisia 2014.

Inspired by the spirit of unity and solidarity that is the Pan Africanism, build by the founding fathers of the Organization of African Unity in 1963, but by the vision and commitment that represents the Agenda 2063 adopted by the African Union at its 50th anniversary. MUA is a Pan African Youth version of the African Union.

From the perspective of global development, MUA activities touch all sectors (education, health, economy, security, freedom of movement, human rights, good governance, democracy and social justice ...), and this through micro-projects , seminars, forums and training, and especially its main annual activity: the Simulation of the summit of the African Union, which is an activity that aims revolving around the continent.

»Hamza Ghedamsi

Ökumenisches Zentrum Oldenburg, Ecumenical Centre Oldenburg, Germany

Oekumenisches Zentrum OldenburgThe Ecumenical Centre and its Fair Trade Shop exist since 1997 and work together with church groups and other initiatives who are interested in justice, globalization, climate and environment, peace and overcoming violence in and around Oldenburg.
The centre has two main activity areas:
1. Information and educational activities including sessions in regard to development/ politics/ Southern countries, peace/ overcoming violence.
2. Selling Fair Trade products such as food items and handicrafts from countries of the global South.
Both activity areas are intertwined as educational work without a concrete linkage and support remains vague. Fair Trade without educational and political background becomes a mere business.

»Anne Kress

Peer-Leader International (PLI), 
Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegowina

      Peer-Leader International (PLI) is a project created by the NGOs MIRANTAO and ZUKUNFT LEBEN. It has teams in Germany (Ostrhauderfehn, Braunschweig and Syke) and in South Africa (Pretoria/City of Tshwane), Brazil (Visconde de Mauá) and Bosnia and Herzegowina (Banja Luka). Some other teams are “under construction”.

Peer-Leader International offers young people aged thirteen to twenty the opportunity to check their own possibilities and capacities, to learn about new things and to prepare themselves for an open-minded, cosmopolitan, committed and self-determined life. The focus is on learning and having fun by creating responsible and public-spirited projects which serve the local community.

All projects, some of which are a play about climate change, a workshop about HIV/AIDS, sports projects and ideas for a better integration of youngsters with migrational background, are created by the peer-leaders themselves, from the first steps to the final realization.

»Buso Memela, Harald Kleem; Maik Bischoff; Sarah Laustroer
www.peer-leader-international.org; www.peernet.org

Prabrincá Creative Lab, Brazil

Prabrincá Creative Lab promotes itinerant, exciting and welcoming socio-educational environments for children and their families to unleash creativity in a free and fun way.  The "Lab" offers workshops and tools with the aim of enhancing individual expression and autonomy in the creation of toys and games, allowing children to translate into art and play all the wealth that their imagination can achieve. It promotes a space-time of creation and plays permeated by the artistic languages ​​through meetings, parties and events that provide the interaction of children with nature, with the family and with other children!

 »Gaia Sanvicente Traverso

Prayas, India

      Centre for Labour Research and Action, unit of Prayas works for the unorganized wage labourers in brick making, construction work, agriculture, and cotton gins that employ mainly migrant labour from the backward areas of Gujarat and other provinces. Migrant workers are brought in by a string of small and big labor contractors who offer monetary advance, binding workers to work where they are placed. Such labourers, not registered by government or private employing authority, many times fail to procure rights as wage earners and human rights too, facing violence and sexual exploitation. They work and live at the mercy of the contractor who mostly pays survival advances and settles wages only on work completion at his or employer’s discretion. The labourers lack access to basic public services and living conditions are very poor. PCLRA works to organize Workers’ Unions, and when approached by labourers regarding violation of labour or human rights, negotiates with principal employers, contractors and the government authorities. It undertakes research studies on dynamics of various sectors and its implication for the wage labourers, finalizing work strategies and advocacy work with Government, media and concerned stakeholders.

»Preeti Oza

Somero, Uganda
     Somero Uganda
is a grassroots Non profit making organisation founded in 2009. Somero supports vulnerable children and young women between the ages of 10-25 years. Focus is put on children in commercial sexual work, girls affected by drugs, trafficked children, girls in early marriage, and young mothers. The in and out of school programs are implemented to prevent, withdrawal and rehabilitee the target population. The thematic areas include education, economic and livelihood skills development, Reproductive Health promotion, child protection and advocacy and community involvement. The organisation works in partnership with Somero e.V., Germany.

»Geofrey Nsubuga

Sonnenberg Kreis

    Sonnenberg-Kreis e.V. is an independent provider of international, non-school based (non-formal) education in Europe, its work is solely and exclusively not for profit. Securing and strengthening of human rights, peace, solidarity and social responsibility are the main focuses of the substantive work. The International House Sonnenberg near St.Andreasberg (Oberharz) is its conference centre.
Following our motto of „Talk together, overcome prejudice, Understand one another, Act responsibly” we organize educational events since 1948. Conferences take place throughout the year, primarily on subjects in the area of political education and global learning.
The conferences mainly have an international dimension so that participants from different countries come together, learn and exchange ideas and perspectives.

»Timo Steinert

      Systways strengthens local, national and international organisations and networks in their capacity to find their pathways to vision and to create a better place at their own life and work systems for social change. The way to support them is facilitating processes and formation related to organisational development, strategic planning, results based management and knowledge management with systemic approach for local and international NGO and networks. It maintains a strong cooperation with La Cuculmeca.

»Rita Muckenhirn

Verband Entwicklungspolitik Niedersachsen (VEN) -
The Association for Development Politics of Lower Saxony, Germany

      VEN is an independent NGO network that consists of about 140 organizations, grass root initiatives, fair trade shops, "one world groups" and individuals in the northern German state of Lower Saxony. The mission of our work is to participate in creating a sustainable and just world with equal rights for all. Instead of engaging in development projects in the Global South, we work towards a fundamental change in Germany/The North (economic system, consumption patterns, political agendas etc.), in order to tackle the root causes of global inequality and ecological degradation.

Since its foundation in 1991 VEN supports its member organizations in their local activities, offers capacity-building for strengthening civil society, organizes campaigns, public events and global education workshops for raising awareness, as well as publishes educational material. Through its lobby work, VEN reminds the Lower Saxon government of its responsibility towards sustainability and global justice. We are in close contact with partners in southern countries in order to inform our work with their perspectives, knowledge and interests.

» Marion Rolle; Timo Holthoff

Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen VNB

      The VNB is certified for adult education in Lower Saxony / Germany. Furthermore, it is recognized as a youth welfare organization. It supports and advises more than 200 non-governmental organizations (NGO), initiatives and associations for educational programs and projects.

The main topics are global and intercultural education, sustainable development, violence prevention and anti-racism, gender, health, and the promotion of voluntary commitment.

Its educational activities reach from the development of educational concepts, the design and operation of multimedia exhibitions, the organization of seminaries and conferences, the implementation of (international) projects, and the consultancy of organizations on issues such as human resources development, gender mainstreaming and quality assurance to the organization of administration, financial and personnel management.

The VNB wants to encourage the individual and social commitment and to support political participation and action. Our educational concept emphasizes self-organized and self-dependent learning based on ethical principles such as nonviolence, emancipation, self-determination and solidarity.


     YOUNG AND LONELY FOUNDATION (YLF) is a registered Non-Governmental, Non-Profit making Organization, with its head office in Agona Swedru in the Agona West Municipality in the Central Region of the Republic of Ghana.

The organisation advocates for women and children to overcome their socio-economic and health challenges. The organisation also carries out sensitization programmes on maternal health, HIV/AIDS, malaria, Tuberculosis, immunization etc. and conducts research into socio-economic and health issues in the communities where the organisation operates.

Currently, the organisation operates in four main branches. These are: Buduburam (Kasoa) in Awutu-Senya District, Central Region, Kwabre East District, Kumasi Ashanti Region and in Bongo in Bongo District in the Upper East Region.

»Gilbert Kofi Germain


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