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Andreas Joppich

Andreas Joppich, consultant, facilitator, trainer

I am mainly supporting several small and medium scale NGOs in project design, fundraising and management tasks. Thereby I am involved in a large range of topics from global learning and education for sustainable development, via community development to support for marginalised youths and crime intervention. Outside Germany I am currently working on health education with ASDEMO in Belarus and human rights promotion with AMEDD in Tunisia. Besides the management of the projects I'm also working as facilitator (future workshops, dialogue-methodology, open-space) and trainer (anti-bias, global learning, forum theatre).


Anna Piquardt

 I organize a Fair Trade coffee project for the Ecumenical Centre in Oldenburg. Besides, I am engaged in environmental activities for children and within the programme „Education meets development“ at schools. I look at ways how children and youth can get an understanding of everyday life within selected countries, by picking up issues like culture, childhood, environmental situation and compare this with the experience kids have made here.

I am an activist in labor/woman/green movement. I worked with Hongkong Confederation of Trade Unions as a union organizer and educator for transport worker, domestic worker and government contract out staff. In the last 5 years, the green movement broadens my horizon to the peace that we need to rebuild with the nature. I am now the advocate to revert the manner of instant-throwing-away-unwanted resources that penetrates in affluent post-industrial society like Hongkong.

»Green Glass Green

 Barbara BrunnerBarbara Brunner, sustainable fashion designer

After studying fashion design in Germany and Sweden I worked in different projects to sensitise young people to the impacts of todays fashionindustry. Together with the ev. luth. Missionswerk Niedersachsen (ELM) and students of the Hochschule Hannover I developed the exhibition 'mode.macht.menschen' www.mode-macht-menschen.de. At the moment I am working with the 3WF in Hannover.

 »3WF Hannover



Buso MemelaBuso Memela, coordinator, project manager, filmmaking freelancer

I'm a young, vibrant woman born and raised in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. I'm currently doing a Voluntary Exchange Program with Mirantao in Germany. Back in SA I'm studying IT in Pretoria and volunteering at Golden Youth Club (GYC/ Peerleader International, South Africa) as a coordinator, technician and project manager. Youth Projects and Filmmaking are my passion, I love anything that has to do with Youth Development. I aspire to inspire young people (especially orphans) to never let anything get in the way of achieving their dreams. GYC allows me to interact and mentor a lot of young people.

»Golden Youth Club

Christian Cray

Christian Cray, project counselor

"What is this `other world´ that everyone says is possible?" Since a number of years I initiate projects that give new perspectives on social development beyond economic growth in Germany and South America. Inspired by the `buen vivir´ (`good life´) as being postulated in Ecuador, I try to interlink concrete `hands on´ alternatives with debates about social and cultural innovation. Since 2017 I work with the Waorani people in the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve in the Ecuadorian amazon in organizational development and in sustainable economic alternatives to deforestation.

»Fundación EcoCiencia

 Christine Höbermann, freelancer, activist, board

I am committed to global justice issues since the 1980s, when I began to volunteer in the solidarity movement with Nicaragua Sandinista. On a scientific level, I specialised in communication systems and their impacts on society. My organisational home base is 3WF Hannover and I´m volunteering in the Clean Clothes Campaign. Some years ago I started focussing on the challenge of communicating complex global circumstances properly, especially to young and disadvantaged people. My special mission in this network is to take care for the contents of our website and the online workroom.

»3WF Hannover

Claudia Gimena Roa Avendaño, director

I am currently the director of Fundaexpresion, an intercultural, educational and environmentalist NGO in Colombia. My main role is to develop participatory methodologies, rural – urban dialogue and popular education strategies on food sovereignty and defense of territories and to promote local markets. I work with peasant farmers, women's and youth groups and participate in networks and campaigns on issues of biodiversity, women and climate justice.



Gabriele JaneckiGabriele Janecki, desk officer

At VNB my responsability is to organize different projects and events with the goal to strengthen Global Learning in an Education for Sustainable Development in all educational sectors. A special focus of my work lies in the building of alliances and networks of diverse organizations and activists in order to support their educational work as a basis for the achievement of  a just and ecological sound world. I am coordinating together with Sarah Laustroer the International Summer Academy on Global Learning 2015.

 »Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen VNB


 Gaia Sanvicente Traverso, educatorGaia Sanvicente Traverso


 I work as an environmental educator, conducting projects and training courses for teachers and young people from public schools of Rio de Janeiro related to sustainability and environmental issues such as basic sanitation, waste sorting, organic agriculture among others. Currently working at Prabrincá Creative Lab.

 »Prabrincá Creative Lab

 GeofreyGeofrey Nsubuga, national coordinator

I am the national coordinator and a founder member of Somero Uganda organization. I am actively involved in Global Education and is a partner of the Global Education Network GLEN. I developed an ICT skills development program as an avenue for global learning among out of school youth. I have experience working with children and young women.





Gertraud Gauer SüßGertraud Gauer-Süß, director

Since 2000 I’m director of the Bremen Information Center for human rights and development (biz), a small Bremen-based ngo. Major fields of my work are fair trade, the clean clothes campaign, sustainable development and education for sustainable development.



Gilbert Kofi Germain, founder, chief servant

Gilbert Kofi Germain is the founder and the chief servant of the Young and Lonely Foundation. He is passionate about supporting the vulnerable to improve their social functioning in the society. He is also a member of the disciplinary committee of the St. Germain School in Agona Swedru and the director for community engagement of TEAM CSR Ghana, a research based organisation.

»Young and Lonely Foundation

Hamza Ghedamsi, founder, chairperson

As founder of Modèle de L' Union Africaine, I always used to work on issues and topics in relation with Youth and new generations, in national level but also in the African level. Because I believe that to make a change we have to do it in a basic stage. I focused most on Human Rights issues and social rights (health, migration, equality, racism...), Education & Sciences and Social Justice.

»Modèle de L' Union Africaine



Harald Kleem, teacher, coordinator, consultant

chairperson of MIRANTAO, coordinator of peer-leader-international, teacher, consultant for Global Learning at the Ministry for Education in Lower Saxony






Jorge Huichalaf

 Jorge Huichalaf, teacher

Jorge Huichalaf works as a legal representative and history professor, founding member of the Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito Mapuche "Küme Mongen". General Secretary of the Center for Parents  Armando Dufey, artistic school of Temuco.


 »El Esfuerzo "Newen Küzaw"

»Küme Mogen



Julia Wältring, coordinator

I´m coordinating the international voluntary-service “weltwärts” at VNB. I like to work with young committed people who are openminded and disposed to learn about themselves and the world. A 12-month  voluntary service is a big challenge for both the volunteer and the hostorganization and I´m committed to the learning process during this time and beyond.

»Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen VNB


Lipi AhmedLipi Mahjabin Ahmed, coordinator , social worker

I'm managing the “Initiative for an international cultural-exchange” IIK, an intercultural, social and educational organization in Germany.
I'm planning and executing projects in order to bring people of different countries and cultural background  together. By connecting people, I'm trying to build foundations for a better understanding. Guiding and counselling immigrants and refugees in their daily lives is also part of my Work. Furthermore I'm doing  a lot of sustainable educational-work about Global Learning.

»Initiative für einen Internationalen Kulturaustausch - IIK e.V.


Luis Zulu

 Louis Zulu, teacher, coordinator

My professional career is teaching Social and Development Studies and French. I have 14 years teaching experience, now working as Deputy Head Teacher at Stella Maris Secondary School. In 2012, I founded a school club which is called "Aware and Fair" under International Fair Trade Movement as a way of making students drivers of social change in their schools and communities while still at school and even after leaving school.

 »Aware and Fair School Club



Maik Bischoff, educator, activist, facilitator

I conduct projects and seminars for youth and adults regarding global and intercultural learning, diversity and peace education at the documentation center about war and peace issues. Furthermore I work within the peer leader international network doing local and international facilitating with young activits, who want to make change happen.Voluntarily I am active in an local antiracist movement and organising refugee solidarity work.



Maissara SaeedMaissara Saeed, connector

I had raised the motto: Connect people, help people! I found myself as a connector between two different cultures: the Sudanese and the German. This has encouraged me to establish with  others a platform in Germany called German Sudanese Association for Development.


»German Sudanese Association for Development


 Marion Rolle, desk for „Global Learning“

I am supporting global education multipliers with trainings, consultancy, lobby and advocacy work in their efforts to foster Global Education in and outside schools in Lower Saxony. I understand Global Education as a concept and tool to broaden people’s understanding of global interdependencies and to strengthen their capacities to join forces for a more just world.

»Verband Entwicklungspolitik Niedersachsen (VEN)

May Wong, coordinator

 I started my career as a teacher. After working for different Human Rights organisations in Hongkong, now I am coordinating the NGO Globalization Monitor. I fight for a legislation which protects the rights of workers and the environment. The Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) and the Asia Floor Wage Alliance are important international reference points for my workers´rights activities.

 »Globalization Monitor


Nana Osei Bonsu, founder, director ,

I believe and have experience in  poverty and suffering in Africa must be fought against by each and every one of us, as their victims, regardless of color of race and location.

»Action Youth Aid Network Ghana

 Nina Karjakina, ecologist, project manager, positive writer :)

Currently working on an art project with the small team of friends, focusing on education, inspiration, creativity, health, beauty and positive thinking. Because we believe in the World as a better place.


Preeti Oza, educational activist

I work with Prayas Centre For Labour Research and Action on issues of the tribal and other poor informal and unorganized sector wage labourers as they migrate to cities in Gujarat, India, and aredeprived of education, childcare, health and food rations, safe housing and social security. Earlier in Rajasthan, I worked with the tribal community on Education, Women’s Empowerment, forest-based livelihoods.



Randy Haubner, project coordinator

Working in the biz as a project coordinator since 2007. Major working fields are sustainable consumption, sustainable tourism and education for sustainable development.


Rene SusaRene Suša, researcher, educator

I live and work (mostly) in Maribor, Slovenia. I divide my time between research on higher education for University of Oulu, Finland and working with various global education NGOs and networks. I'm interested exploring the hidden ideas, ideals and desires that drive modern global imaginaries and educational pathways that might help us re-orient these desires, disrupt our addictions and satisfaction with modernity and create openings for different (unimaginable) futures.


 Rita Muckenhirn, founder, consultant

Rita is from Germany, living since 1986 in Nicaragua. The strong solidarity movement in the 1980s motivated her to go there. Together with two nicaraguan women, she is co-founder of the local NGO “La Cuculmeca”. She represents the city partnership between Solingen (Germany) and Jinotega (Nicaragua). In 2012 she created “systways” to work on consultancies in Central America and the Caribbean area. Her contribution is sharing methodologies and tools that combine popular education and the systemic approach for social change.

»La Cuculmeca

Robin Stock

Robin Stock, project coordinator, activist

I work as a project coordinator for the ASA-Program, a global learning program for young people in Germany, Europe and the world. Here I am in charge of education and training in the field of global learning. I am also involved as an educational activist with the association FairBindung that works especially on the critique on and search of alternatives to the current economic system. I am especially passionate about approaches of “degrowth” and a “great transition” of our economy and society.


Rosa Lynn Grave

Rosa Lynn Grave
Today, global issues concern all of us - we can't ignore the various linkages between the world's citizens. With this background, I see myself as a global citizen, engaging in topics such as social and economic justice, global education and the idea of (economic) degrowth. Both in my studies of social work and in my private time I try to anchor changes in my nearby surrounding. Thinking globally - acting locally.

Ruby Hembrom, founder

Ruby Hembrom is the founder of adivaani, a publishing and archiving outfit of and by Adivasis–the indigenous peoples of India. She’s a law graduate with a postgraduate diploma in Instructional Design and has 8 years learning and development work experience in the corporate sector. At adivaani she handles editing, communications and marketing. Her three books for children in English are also used as tools to promote language building.



Sabine Meyer

I'm an educational activist. Graduate adults- and non-formal education. Targetgroups mainly school children and youth-groups. Topics: reflecting effects of consumption, Fair trade, tourism, food - all in the frame of sustainability and future-transformation. Diverse media and methods: cooking together, philosophical discourse, exibitions and face-to-face dialogue.

»Indisches Haus

Sarah LaustroerSarah Laustroer, project coordinator

I work for the Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen (VNB) and on the project Peer-Leader International. My main work is to connect people and bring them together. For the VNB I am organizing the International Academy. In the project Peer-Leader International I organize meetings for young people between 12 and 20 years, who want to change something and who develop their own projects.

»Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen VNB

Silvia HesseSilvia Hesse, chairwoman

 I have directed the Agenda 21 Office of the City of Hanover until 2013 and initiated and coordinated the dialogue and the participation process for sustainable development (Agenda 21, MDG, SDG) in Hanover. The interaction between civil society, economy, politics, and management was and always is of particular concern. I am involved in numerous working groups of international city networks and work together with the Climate Alliance of European Cities with Indigenous since it’s founded. I initiated the climate partnership between Hanover and Belen de los Andaquies in Colombia and the EU project “Aware & Fair". As chairwoman of “Freundeskreis Malawi", I could gain European twin cities, as well as the African twin city Blantyre, followed by projects in the areas of climate protection, water, education, culture, and theater.

»Freundeskreis Malawi

Sisir DuttaSisir Dutta, founder

As founder of BITA (Bangladesh Institute of Theatre Arts) Sisir Dutta has been working at different fields of performing arts for last 35 years. He developed an Institution Culture & Development Centre in Bangladesh which contributes on cultural promotion, human rights and contemporary development issues. He has got a numbers of edited publications on these sectors. He mainly works with marginalized and deprived community, and grassroots artists.

»BITA (Bangladesh Institute of Theatre Arts)



Sophie Städing, project coordinator

I am project assistant at IFAK for the program „Bildung trifft Entwicklung"/"Education meets Development". I organize different educational events, including programs for children during holidays dealing with the subject of global learning. Besides, I am responsible for public relations work.

» Bildung trifft Entwicklung (BtE)


Timo Holthoff, desk for „Global Learning“

Working at the desk for „Global Learning“, I am organizing trainings for global education multipliers and advocating to foster Global Education in and outside schools in Lower Saxony. I am particularly interested in integrating postcolonial perspectives into educational work and in being part of a global civil society movement, challenging current world orders and paradigms.

»Verband Entwicklungspolitik Niedersachsen (VEN)

Timo Steinert

 Timo Steinert, member of the educational staff

My commitment for the Sonnenberg Kreis is in the range of international/ transcultural and informal youth education. Main fields are Education for Sustainable Development and Global Learning.

My background is mainly based in environmental sciences, experiential and transcultural learning. I am instructor for sport climbing in the german mountain association.  

»Sonnenberg Kreis


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