South-south exchange of educational experience in indigenous leadership and the “good life”

On March 28, 2018, the Waorani women leaders of the AMWAE association in the Ecuadorian amazon – with president Mencay Nenquihui being part of the Learn2Change network, initiated a skype conference on best practices and the role of leadership in the management of indigenous territories. Learn2Change member Jorge Huichalaf from the Mapuche nation in Chile was the counterpart of the conference. He shared the experience of Mapuche women leaders reclaiming ancestral lands and their role to overcome fears among their people that often lead to rights not being claimed. He also informed on the solidarity bank “kueme mogen” (good life) that seeks to empower people by means of small-scale loans. The conference was part of a workshop to improve the Waorani´s forest management in the Yasuní area.